Basic Rules for Bike Tourers

  1. A vehicle expert rider having concerned license should allow transporting passengers. A license should be mentioning the working capability of license holder.
  2. Load should not be carried by small vehicles. However in case of emergency modest load can be carried on two wheeler vehicles by an expert driver only.
  3. Still if you are carrying some load by your two wheeler, then you should place it in a proper way such that I will not fall down on road and become a cause of accident or incident.
  4. During driving a vehicle take care of your eyes and sensitive area of body. For protecting eyes from dust, wind, drizzle or small pest which comes during driving.
  5. Use a good quality of glasses to protect your eyes and showing clarity on road. The glasses must give the clarity in night vision also.
  6. Must insure about safety tips of vehicle. You may aware that there are some two wheelers which have breaks on right foot and gear on left footpad like Bullet bikes. Where as most bikes have vice versa functions. So insure about these basic needs first and then drive the vehicle.
  7. During driving don’t get excited and pick up speed. There may be any second to incident. In a heavy traffic road be cool and calm. Never be hurry.
  8. Control on the vehicle is the first dose of safe drive. Position your body in safe and comfort way. To control your bike body should be in right position.
  9. Clear your goal before starting your vehicle. Without goal you may follow a zigzag motion and divergent speed. This may cause any incident.
  10. Never drink and drive. You may aware that drinking of alcohol or certain drugs are illegitimate and illegal while driving. These will effect your driving skills and respond time.
  11. Never drive without feeling healthy. Before driving take rest if you need it. For a long drive take subsequent breaks for safe drive. Don’t drive with stretched body, take rest and feel comfort for further drive.
  12. If you dunk alcohol then its better to take cab or taxi for travelling. You may use public transport for it. Never drive with hangover.
  13. For a long drive, switch driving with your colleague and take rest. But it is advisable that never sleep when you are a pillion.
  14. If you have taken any drugs or any medicine then make sure about its instructions. If there is warning "not to drive", then don’t drive. Follow it strictly.
  15. Plan your travelling well in advance. It means that if you want to reach a destination at a given time then take enough time in travelling. Also take some extra time in case of any problem in between. Don’t scurry in travelling.
  16. At last and best thing is that wear helmet while driving a two wheeler. Never ever take bike without helmet. Even if you are travelling with bicycle then wear a helmet.

Wish you a happy travelling and journey.

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