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Hello friends today we know about Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu tour from New Delhi.


Rameswaram is the city of Ramnathpuram district of Tamilnadu State. The Distance between Chennai & Rameswaram is about 558 KM and the distance from Madurai to Rameswaram is about 168 KM. This Sankha shape island is situated between the Hind Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. In Past, boats are used to reach Rameshwaram. A 2 KM long Rail Bridge was built by the the British with the help of German Engineer which is used this time also to reach Rameswaram.


Madurai is the largest city of Tamilnadu State from which we passed by to go to Rameswaram. For Rameswaram direct trains are not available from New Delhi, if trains are not available directly from your city then you reach Madurai or chennai, trains are available from all cities of India for madurai or chennai. From Madurai about 70 trains passed by for Rameswaram and around 5 to 6 trains are available for Rameswaram from Chennai. You may go for Rameswaram from Madurai by train, by taxi or by bus also. You reach Madurai by Air also from New Delhi or all of the Domestic Airports of India. Madurai is the nearest Domestic Airport for Rameshwaram and for International Chennai is nearest Airport.


You may visit Rameswaram all of the year but in winter the whether of Rameswaram is more pleasant so, if you want to enjoy more then I prefer from Nov. to Feb.

Temperature of Rameshwaram All Seasons  :

Summers :   March – June       25°c to 43°c

Monsoon :   July to October    27°c to 36°c

Winter  :      Nov. to Feb.          16°c to 30°c

How much days for Rameswaram :-

You want 2 days if you want see all the places of Rameswaram like Ram Setu, Pamban Bridge, Jatau Tirtham etc.


As per Ramayan, Lord Rama has attacked on Lanka and killed Ravan after defeat in the war. When Lord Ram returns from Lanka with Devi Sita, they have take some rest on Gandhmadan Parvat. There saints told to Lord Rama that Ravan was from Brahman Dynasty and he have sin of Brahamhatya Dosh and to save from Brahamhatya Dosh you wanted to pray of Shivalingh. After that Lord Rama sent Hanuman Ji to Kailash Parvat to bring Shivalingh. All are waiting for Hanuman Ji but he can’t reach but the time for pray was going so Devi Sita has made a Shivalingh by the Sand and then Lord Rama prayed for Lord Shiva to remove Brahamhatya Dosh from them. After that Hanuman Ji reached at that place with Shivalingh but pray had already completed so Hanuman Ji was sulked with Lord Rama and Lord Rama judge this and said to Hanuman Ji that if he removed this sand Shivalingh then he situate Hanuman Ji Shivalingh at that place. Hanuman Ji tried to remove Sand Shivalingh from that place but not successful. After that Hanuman Ji feel sorry for his wrong doing and Lord Rama situate Hanuman Ji Shivalingh aside by the Sand Shivalingh.


Rameswaram is the one of the Dham from the Char Dham in four corner of the India (Badrinath (North), Dwarka (West),  Puri (East South), Rameshwaram (South) and it is also one of the Jyotirligh from the 12 Jyotirlingh of Lord Shiva. Rameswaram is also known as the Kashi of South India. It is to believe that if Ganga’s river water consecrate by heart at Shivalingh then he release from the cycle of rebirth.


  1. There are so many hotels available near the Ramanathswamy Temple. You may go to the hotel booking websites and apps and booked hotels in advance to save the time.
  2. Dharamsala is also available in the temple in which common rooms are provided at no cost or very low cost rates. Advance booking is not available for these rooms and it is not a guarantee that room are available at the same time.
  3. Rooms in Rameswar Devsthan is also available at 500 Rs. per room. Advance booking is also available from the Devsthan Website before 3 days of the travel on availability of rooms.

The link to go the Rameshwar Devsthan website is available under here:



On Rameswaram island a total of 64 tirths are available in which 23 tirths are important. Mainly Agni Tirth, that is 100 Meters from main temple and 22 tirths are available inside the temple. After take a bath in these tirth, you gets Mukti from the sins, diseases and your body gets new energy. The names of all 22 tirths are as under :

  1. Maha Lakshmi Tirth           2. Savitri Tirth                3. Gaytri Tirth       4. Saraswati Tirth      5. Setu Madhav Tirth 6. Gandhmadan Tirth         7. Kevtcha Tirth             8. Gavaya Tirth     9. Nal Tirth                 10. Nila Tirth            11. Shankra Tirth                 12. Brahmahathi Tirth   13. Suriya Tirth    14. Shanku Tirth         15. Chandra Tirth   16. Ganga Tirth                   17. Yamuna Tirth             18. Gaya Tirth      19. Shiva Tirth             20. Sarv Tirth              21. Sadyamirtha Tirth         22. Kodi Tirth


Other visiting places in Rameswaram will be explained in our next post in which we have discussed about important visiting places in Rameswaram. You may click on following link for going to the next post for Visiting Places in Rameswaram.



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