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Travel has a big issue of complexion. Traveling formulate changes in environment, conditions and circumstances of a person. The biggest issue in traveling is care of body and skin. When you travel to a destination then there are great chances of change in spice like winter, hot or rainy days or snow falling. For these reasons you have to prepare yourself with great care and cautions. When you travel then ensure that you have a minimum luggage to carry. In this minimum luggage, ensure for your skin care bag, mean your cosmetics so that there may not any change to your complexion.

If you are going for a vacation there are no doubt ladies will carry there cosmetic items with them. Usually it is perceived that ladies took there all cosmetic items with them. It is advisable that try to avoid this habit. When ever you are going to vacation don’t take your huge packets. Specially for traveling buy some modest packets of makeup. Keeping the view of environment, conditions and events prepare your make up trip kit.

Generally making my own trip I first study about the conditions and environment of the destination. Similar way I expect you may do the same. First study the things and demand of visit to the destination. Accordingly prepare you make up kit.

For summer session or at hot places keep sun protected lotions which prevent ultraviolet and other harmful rays. In the hot days most careful part of body is hair. You may not observe any thrashing but there is a enormous bad effect to hair. To keep you hair healthy, use products which have more Protein. A protein product makes your hair healthy and shine.

As when you go to beaches etc near sea sides that hotly environment make your skin rough, dull and dead. For these things you must carry maximum water products which are good for your body.try to avoid oily and greasy products. These products fill up your skin holes and stop your sweat to come out. That makes your skin and face dull and unattractive. So it is necessary to apply moisture lotions on face and skin to keep it gorgeous.

Similar way when you go for a good city travel then there must be a great pollution. You may worry with dirt and foggy visibility. At this environment you have to keep your skin clean and dry. For this environment avoid taking alcoholic cosmetics. Keep cleaner and moisture with you. Try to cover yourself when you go in traffic road. Keep a good glass on your eyes to care. Don’t keep open hairs at polluted place.

For a hill station, you need to prepare for cold and snow fall. As you aware these places remain cold and dry. For this environment you should prefer some oily products which can prevent your skin to dry. These products should be of good quality. Don’t purchase street cosmetic items. These products should have enough neutrals for your body.

When we are going out of station or go for a vacation then it is essential to be good looking. You have to keep yourself clean and soft. Keep good quality moisturizers and face wipes on your make up kit. Also keep body butter creams with you to glow your skin always. At last my advice is that make up kit for trip should be prepared as for your plan.

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