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  1. Ramanathswamy Temple Darshan:- Before you go to the Darshan some important things are as under:

TAKE BATH IN AGNITIRTH:- Agnitirth is situated at a distance of 100 Mtr. from the main temple. Before you may go to the Temple for darshan it’s important that you must take a bath in Agnitirth because after killed Ravan Lord Rama took bath at this place. After bath Lord Rama free from the arrogance of Ravan’s Hatya. You take a bath at this Tirth and then proceed for the temple with wet clothes.


BATH AT 22 TIRTHs :- Inside the temple you take bath with the holy water of 22 Tirths (KUND) and for that you take a ticket from outside the temple. There are different importance to take a bath at each of the tirths. After taking a bath from these Tirths, it is believes that you are free from all the sins and you may got LAKSHMI(money).

ENTRY IN RAMANATHSWAMY TEMPLE :- After getting change the wet clothes enter into the main entrance of the temple. The entire view into the temple is incredible. There are hundreds of vast statues of God & Goddess with made up of large stones. You can see incredible Indian architecture inside the temple. There are two shivaling situated, one is Hanuman Ji Shivalingh which was carried by them from Kailash Parvat and the other is Sand Shivalingh which was made by Devi Sita. First of all see the Hanuman Ji Shivalingh and after that you may see the Devi Sita Sand Shivlingh. Hanuman ji was blessed by Lord Rama that rather only the Darshan of Rameswaram is completed when a pilgrimage first take a Darshan of your Shivalingh and after that take a Darshan of Devi Sita Sand Shivalingh. There are so many temples inside the temple like Parvati Mata Mandir, Ambika Devi Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Nine Jyotirling near Visalakshi Temple which was situated by the Vibhishan.


There are so many small and big temples & tirths near the Ramanathswamy Temple but it is not possible to see all of them so we are discussing here those are more important. There are three ways on which visiting places are situated. We are discuss here these three ways.

Near the Agnitirth auto & rickshaw stand are available. You may get Auto and Rickshaw from there on rent basis.

  1. Visiting Places on the way of Gandhmadan Parvat (Distance 4 KM):-

Sakshi Hanuman Mandir:- On the way of Gandhmadan Parvat 2 K.M. from the Rameswaram Temple, Sakshi Hanuman Temple is situated. At this place Hanuman Ji gave the information to Lord Rama of Devi Sita that she is in the custody of Ravan in Lanka and show him the ring of Devi Sita as a Proof. There is a small temple of Hanuman Ji.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir:-  Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir is situated near the Gandhmadan Parvat. Here you can see the large Hanuman Ji statue of black color which was carried from Dhanuskodi Village.


Gandhmadan Parvat:- About 1Km from the Sakshi Hanuman Mandir Gandhmadan Parvat, a small hill is situated which is the highest point of Rameswaram. There is a two story building in which the footprints of the Lord Rama is still existing. The stones by which Ram-setu was made is also still exist at this place. The view of Rameswaram from the second floor of this building is very beautiful.

2. Visiting Places on the way of Pamban Bridge (Distance – 14 KM) :-

Kalam’s Memorial:- A.P.J. Kalam memorial is situated at a distance of 5 KM from the Rameswaram Temple at Peikurumbu where Abdul Kalam Ji was buried . This place was build by the 300 labors with work hard in about 10 months. In the main hall Kalam’s statue of about 8 Feet long is placed. The main attraction of this place is two AGNI – 2 missiles  which have a height of  about 45 Feet.



Vilundi Tirth: –   About 2 Km from the Kalam’s Memorial near the village Thagachidam, there is a Tirth known as Vilundi Tirth. This tirth is one of the holy tirth of Rameswaram. Here Lord Rama had stuck an arrow in the sea to quench Devi Sita’s thirst when Devi Sita was thirsty at this place. Then sea had generated a stream of holy water.



Pamban Bridge:- There are two bridges one is Railway Bridge and the other is Road Bridge. Both Rail & Road bridges  are built near the pamban village, so both the bridges are known as Pamban Bridge. This is the first sea bridge and longest bridge of India before the Bandra – Varli link in the Mumbai. It is 2.3 Km long. By the special techniques from between the bridge is pulled upward by the 6 employees to pass the Naval Boats from under the bridge and after that the bridge take the same position. The official name of the Road bridge is Anoi Indira Gandhi bridge.


3. Visiting places on the way to Dhanuskodi (Disance 26 Km) :-

Ram Jarokha Temple/Ram Padam : This is the place from where Lord Rama had looked at Lanka with Hanuman and others, so the place is known as Ram Jarokha and Ram Padam.


Nambu Nayagi Amman Temple:- This temple is dedicated to MATA PARVATI which is at distance of 8 Km from Rameswaram Temple. Those people who has not childs,by the blessings of Mata Parvati they got child and those called Nambu,  By the blessings of Mata the diseases are also removed. The person who has mental disorder then they stayed here for treatment.



Jada (Jata) Tirth:- About 1.5 Km from Nambu Nayagi Temple Jada Tirth is situated. This is the place where Lord Rama had stayed after killed Lanka’s King Ravan. Lord Rama and Laxman had wash their hairs (Jata) at this place and removed from the sin of Braham Hatya, so this place is known as Jata Tirth. Lord had made a Shivaling here and then prayed of this Shivaling. This Shivaling is also known as Ram Ling.



Kothandaramar Temple:-  This temple is located at a distance of 7 Km from Jata Tirth. Lord Rama had elected to Vibhishan as a King of Lanka after killing of Lanka King Ravan. This temple is wreathed with water.



Dhanushkodi (Ghost City) :-  Dhanushkodi is located at a distance of 26 Km from Rameswaram. In past, the trains were available between Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi.  Dhanushkodi was an emerging tourist destination and business center. For Sri Lanka, a weekly periphery was used to brought passengers and luggage from the boat from here. The shops were located for the passengers. Post office, Government offices, Temples, Church and Railway station were situated. On 22 December 1964, every thing was destroyed by a terrible storm. A train was started from the Dhanushkodi for Pamban with 115 passengers, at a few Kilometer distance, the train was drowned by the terrible storm in the sea. All 115 passengers were died.


Dhanuskodi had been destroyed completely. The buildings, station, church structure is available at this time also. By the Tamilnadu Government, this city was declared as Ghost City and advise not to go there to everyone. At this time, only some fishermen lives. 2 years ago the roads were available till Kothandaramar Temple and after that you may go through sand with four wheeler only to go Dhanushkodi but now road is available for Dhanushkodi. There is a beach available where you may take holy bath. A bridge was formed by the Wanar Sena from Dhanushkodi to Lanka to attack on Lanka which is known as Ram Setu. By Tsunami & Storms this bridge was destroyed. This is the last point of India and the distance of Lanka is just 25 Km from this place.

Dhanushkodi Beach :- Dhanushkodi beach is situated at the last point of india towards sri lanka where Bay of Bengal & Indian Ocean are confluence with each other. This is very pleasant place for the visitors. Every visitors must visit Dhanushkodi beach to enjoy more Rameswaram trip. The cool air is flowing every time on this beach and your mind is so pleased to see the confluence of two seas.



Now we have finished our Rameswaram Visit. Thank you to all of you. Please comment for any queries and suggestions.

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