Visiting Places in Katra

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  1. Shiv Khori:-

The distance between shiv khori and Katra is about 70 Km. Buses are available from Katra for Shiv khori. The road is available till Ransu village, after which you have to cover 4 Km by foot or by horses. This way of 4 Km is from between the hills which have wonderful views reached at Shiv khori Cave. The outer area of the cave is large and it is 150 meter long. The Entrance of the cave is very narrow, the tourists are come forward very slowly. At some places pilgrims have to walk on the knee too. Inside the cave a natural Shiva Lingh will be shown, which have the height of 1 meter. A shape like a Cow breast will be shown from which white color water is dropped on Shiva Lingh. The exit from the cave has different way so we have to exit easily.

2.  Baba Jitto Temple:-

This temple is situated on the way of Shiv Khori. It is 7 Km far from Katra. Baba Jitto is the great devotee of Mata Vaishno Devi. Mata had come to his house as a Girl.

3.  Nine Devi Temple:-

On the way to Shiv Khori, 8 Km away from Katra, Nine Devi Temple is situated which is an ancient temple & place. You should go 100 steps downwards for going towards the temple. Here you have to see a small cave. In this cave you can passed by only by laying down. Inside the cave 9 Devi’s are situated as a PIND. The names of these 9 Devi’s are as under :

Shailputri Devi, Bharmacharyini Devi, Chandrghanta Devi, Kushmand Devi, Skand Devi, Katyayni Devi, MahaKali Devi, Maha Gauri Devi, Dhidhidhtri Devi.

4. Bhumika Temple:-

100 Meter away from the railway station Bhumika Temple is situated. Here Mata Vaishno Devi & Sri Dhar meets each other. Mata Vaishno Devi went to the Trikut Parvat from this place.

5. Devi Mai Temple:-

From Katra, Deva mai Temple is situated at 4 Km distance on Jammu Road. When Mata Vaishno Devi is in the form of Virgo, she was lived in this place and completed her penance on this place.

6. Baba Dhansar Temple:-

Baba Dhansar Temple is situated at a distance of 15 Km from Katra. There is a small cave where you can see the Lord Shiva’s Shiva Lingh which is built by the nature and water drops are continuously falling on him. Out side the cave a very beautiful view is made by a waterfall falling from the hills.

So, these are the major visiting places near by katra.

To view the complete travel guide for Mata Vaishno Devi click on below link :

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