Popular China Hotels

Five Popular Hotels in China

There are many Hotels in China. Some of the popular and important hotels of China are, Lijiang Adange Hotel, Beijing, Grand View Garden Hotel, Dali Asian Star Hotel, Kunming Kunming JinJiang Hotel, and Shanghai Ramada Shanghai Zhabei Hotel

Lijiang Adange Hotel

The hotel is situated at the center of Lijiang. This four star hotel will give you the all eye catching views of the city. Along with this specialty, the Hotel also offers Hotel also offers you the facilities like safety deposit box, refrigerator, air-conditioning, satellite TV, and telephone. The other facilities include Chinese and Western restaurant, massage rooms, fitness room and sauna. This stylish hotel has 128 furnished rooms that will give you the real pleasure.

Beijing, Grand View Garden Hotel

Another grand four-star hotel has 384 beautiful rooms. It is surrounded by the Grand view Garden Park. This hotel is a blend of soothe and Chinese architecture, which gives you the pleasant view in the hotel.

Dali, Asian Star Hotel

You can enjoy the Erhai Lake in front of the hotel while the hotel is backed by the snow capped Cangshan mountain range. This mixed view of nature is phenomenal experience. Hotel has 310 rooms all giving you the mixed view of lake and mountain with all other facilities.

Kunming, Kunming JinJiang Hotel

The Kunming JinJiang Hotel is centrally located four star hotel consisting of 320 drudgery and striking rooms. Facilities like air conditioning, television, telephone, bar, fitness facilities are also available.

Shanghai Ramada Shanghai Zhabei Hotel

This three star hotel having 212 rooms is centrally located with mini bars, air conditioners. The salient feature of the hotel are its sea food, cafe, bar, and its Korean cuisine.

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