Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh – Meet the Incredible India

The tourists visiting Madhya Pradesh are attracted by its wildlife and natural beauty. Madhya Pradesh is a place known for its rich and varied flora and fauna with many scarce and rare species.

The state has supreme National parks and Wildlife reserves defending many plants and animals species. The best place for nature lovers is here because one can enjoy the welcome notes of Chirping birds; Safari’s like Elephant safari, Tiger safari, Lion safari etc.

You can also enjoy the nature walk along with the beautiful huge green trees. Here the camping in between the jungle is another adventurous experience for fun loving people.

The luxuriant forest having large number of flora and fauna in this region includes different species of plants, animals, and birds. Among these numerous species, few important wildlife species includes-

Birds: The melodious voice of the chirping birds will magnetize you to this heaven. The colorful and beautiful birds in this state are Pigeons, Eagles, Minivets, Owls, Green bee eater, Malabar Hornbills, Parakeets, Jerdons, Flycatchers, Wood shrikes etc.

Animals: Tiger, Panther, Barasingah, Leopard, Deer, Lemur, Wolf, Buffaloes, Sloth Bear, Jackals, Wild boar etc.

Plants: The most important forest regions of Madhya Pradesh like Panna, Pendh and Satpura are known for the presence of Sal and Bamboo trees in them.

With all these, forest also include Snakes, Crocodiles, lizards, Pythons, etc.

Madhya Pradesh is a full package tourist spot for adventurous and nature loving tourists because of its wealthy and divine wildlife. So to increase the tourism we must enhance the natural beauty, forestation and protect wildlife.

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