Varindavan is a holy place in mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is relayes to the Lord Krishna because he has spent his childhood in varindavan. It is situated on the bank of yamuna river. Its distance from mathura is 6.5 Km.

Top places to visit in Varindavan:-

1. Prem Mandir

2. Sh. Banke bihari Temple

3. Govind dev ji

4. Ishkon Temple

5. Radha damodar Temple

6. Seva kunj & Nidhuban

7. Varindavan

8. Madan mohan temple

9. Akshya Patra

10. Keshi Ghat

11. Pagal baba Mandir

12. Sh. Radha Ras bihari astha sakshi temple.


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