Rameshwaram is a holy place for the hindu’s. It is situated in the Ramnathpuram district of Tamilnadu State of India which is part of Pamban Island also known as Rameshwaram Island. It is a one of the DHAM out of the Four Dham’s of India and instead of this in the Ramanathswamy Temple one of the Jyotirlinga is situated out of the twelve Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva . Who believes in Lord Shiva must visit Rameshwaram once in a lifetime to see the jyotirlinga situated in the Ramanathswamy temple. The Ramanathswamy temple corridor is largest corridor in the world. It is also relates to the Lord Rama. The distance from chennai to Rameshwaram is about 400 Miles South East. The mainland of India connected with this island through Pamban Bridge. The famous Ramanathswamy temple is built in marvelous dravidian style of architecture by Lankan King Parakarmbahu and modified by Ramnathpuram King Udeyan Setupati. The beautiful island is situated between indian ocean and bay of bengal. As believed that a Yatra of Varansi(Uttar Pradesh) is not to be considered complete without a visit of Ramanathswamy temple. It is also known as Varansi of South.


Before East India company many dyasties were rules at this place like Cholas, Pandyas and aluddin Khilji. During East India company it is the part of Madras Presidency. As believed that a bridge was made by the Lord Rama with the help of Hanuman, Jatau, Nal & Nil and other Vanar sena between india and Sri Lanka which is about 30 KM long to get back his wife Devi Sita from the Lanka King Raavan. Now a days the Bridge is known as Ram-e-setu and Adam’s Bridge. The bridge was destroyed by the Vibhishan on the order of the Lord Rama during his return journey from lanka. After killing of Raavan Lord Rama had worshiped of Lord Shiva to remove BRAHMAN HATYA DOSH. For which Lord Rama made a Shivlinga by the Sand and worshiped. The same shivlinga is situated in the temple. Before 15th centuary the bridge was used as padestrial road for sri lanka after which the bridge was overlayed by water.


Temple Timings – 4:30 AM to 1 PM, 3 to 8:30 PM
TEMPERATURE :- 38 degree (Summer) and 25 degree (Winter)
NEAREST AIRPORT :- MADURAI, CHENNAI,Coimbatore, Tanjavur & Trichy.
PLACES TO VISIT :- Ramanathswamy temple, Agnitirtham, Jatau Tirtham, Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple, Dhanuskodi, Rama Setu, Lakshman Tirtham, Pamban Bridge etc.


Rameshwaram is well connected with By road or By train. The nearest domestic airport is madurai and international airport is chennai. Coimbatore, Tanjavur and Trichy is also well connected to Rameswaram by road or by train. You may take taxi from madurai and chennai for rameshwaram and take bus from madurai.The distance from madurai to Rameswaram is about 160 KMs and from chennai the distance is around 560 KMs.


There are so many budgeted hotels are available in rameshwaram. You may booked before or after you reached. A temple dharmsala is also available but you may booked it as per availability of rooms 3 days before you reached. The rent for the rooms is 500 per day for 1 room.You may spent 2 days in rameshwaram.

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