Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is the main state of India which has a unique beauty of nature. This state is also having a different constitution from India. The state is also called ‘crown of India’. it is bounded by Afghanistan and China in the north. In east bounded by Tibet and in western side Pakistan. This way this crown of India is bounded from three sides with foreign countries. This is a state of paradise in India. Jammu and Kashmir is studded with huge integer of hill stations. On these hill stations tourists make their holidays leisure and adventurous with breath taking scenery. Jammu and Kashmir have a dazzling history with inimitable culture. The state have most sacred temples like Vaishno Devi Shrine, Vaishno Devi Mandir, Bhairav Mandir etc., Mosques like Pir Baba, Hazratbai mosque, Jamia masjid etc., Monasteries  like Shanti Stupa, Likir Gompa, Lamayuru Gompa, matho Gompa etc. and much more.

The mainstay of Jammu and Kashmir is Agriculture like other north India. Secondary occupation is the crafting of Papier, Mache, Wood carving, Shawl and carpet making etc. Kashmiri Handlooms and crafts are famous in all over world. These are exported world over. there is no hyperbole to say Jammu  & Kashmir as “Paradise on Earth”.

If you are travelling over Jammu & Kashmir then there are some Tourists interested places which you may like.

  • Jammu: This is a winter capital as told and is popular for its greatness in Palaces and Art gallery. There are a number of forts to visit. it is also popular for Temples and Tombs Museums.
  • Katra: This place is mainly popular for Vaishno Devi Mandir. there are also varies forts and shrines for tourists.
  • Leh: This place is popular for the highest airport in the world. this place also have golf court which is also at highest. This place has numerous Palaces, Buddhist monasteries and Mosques. This place is also popular for handicrafts which are exported worldwide. You will get a good food at resultants. Trekking is also a attracting point of this place.
  • Srinagar: This is the summer capital and main city of Jammu and Kashmir, which you may hear. This place is popularized by glorious Srinagar Lake. Gardens are also having good popularity among India. Srinagar has huge gardens which are famous for their healthiness and goodness. Srinagar is also famous for Kashmiri handicrafts.

This state has two capitals according to seasons. In summer season Srinagar is capital and Jammu In winter. The state has mainly two airports to visit i.e. Srinagar and Jammu Leh. Basic languages in Jammu and Kashmir are Kashmiri, Dongri, Urdu, Ladakhi, Hindi and English. The best time to visit in Paradigm is between April and October of the year. Near about temperature in summer days are 30°-35°C and in winter season its cold at 0°-25°C. So take care when you visit over Jammu and Kashmir.

Over these places, there are some more to visit like:

Yushmarg for camping site on beautiful meadows.
Wular Lake for largest fresh water lake in Asia, scenic beauty, fishing.
Watlab for camping site by Wular.
Vaishno Devi for major Hindu pilgrim centre.
Vernag for gardens, Shrines and famous spring.
Tasrar Sharif for shrine sacred to Muslims and Hindus.
Tarsar for lake and scenic beauty.
Tangmarg for camping site.
Pahalgam for holiday resorts, fishing and saffron fields.
Purmandal for Hindu pilgrims centre.
Ramnagar for palaces.
Sansar for scenic beauty.
Sheshnag for glaciers and lake.
Sonamarg for flowers, lake, Meadows of Gold and camping site.
Spitok Gompa for monastery of Ladakh’s Head Lama.
Patnitop for picnic spot, pilgrim centre, Sudh Mahadev murals in temple and fair.
Mulbekh for sculptures.
Martand for temple ruins, sun temple and sacred springs.
Lidderwat for camping site and Meadows.
Manasbal lake for lotuses and bird watching.
Mansar lake for antiquities.
Lamayuaru for frescoes and oldest monastery.
Kud for scenic beauty and hill stations.
Kokarnag for gardens, fishing and mineral springs.
Kishtwar for sapphires and tombs.
Kargil for base for trekking, mountaineering, visiting monasteries and orchards.
Hemis Gompa for for biggest Buddhist monastery in Ladakh.
Harwar for excavations and fishing.
Gulmarg for holiday resort, golf, meadow of flowers and winter sports.
Dras for coldest place and temples.
Gangabal for lake side Hindu pilgrim centre.
Dachigam for wildlife sanctuary and national park.
Charar-i-sharif for Muslim pilgrim center.
Chashmasahi for water with healing properties, gardens and Dal lake picnic spot.
Achabal for camping and picnic site, Gardens and fishing.
Awantipura for temple ruins.
Akhnur for picnic sport and forts.
Athwatoo for holiday resorts.
Alchi gompa for murals.
Aru for scenic beauty and meadows in the forest.
Amaranth for emerald take frozen till June and major pilgrim centre.
Amantnag for sacred spring and gardens.
Anchar lake for Hazratbal mosque and major Muslim pilgrims centre.
Burzahom for excavations.
Bilaur for pilgrims centre.
Batat for Jammu hill resort.
Basoli for temples and frescoes in palaces.

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