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Goa – A Place To Enjoy, Entertainment and Holidays

If you are a beach lover and you are planning for your holidays then the first place that comes at you mind is must be Goa .Goa is a popular holiday destination for all but mostly for young and fun loving people. Goa is famous for its excellent beaches, churches, and temples. Goa is small town sand witched between on the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. It lies between the borders of Maharastra and Karnataka situated on the west coast of India.

Goa in the world is better known as the former Portuguese enclave on the Indian soil. The Portuguese rule for over 450 years in Goa so there is a great influence in the culture. When you are in Goa you feel like you are visiting Foreign because of the influence of the Latin culture. To the foreign visitor Goa presents a somewhat different picture than any other part of the country. Almost all the citizen of Goa are Catholics in the total population of Goa and are much higher comparing in most of the other States of India and that’s why the general way of living is also markedly different.

When you travel in Goa you can clearly see the western influence in the dress, food habits, and the culture and in the general life of the people. The residents of Goa are quiet and peaceful and that’s why you feel free from all your worries when you are in Goa. You can view the harmonious relationship between the two different religious communities, the Hindus and the Catholics.

Goa is India’s fourth smallest city in terms of population. Goa is situated on the west coast of India in the Konkan district; The Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Every year thousands of international and domestic tourists visit Goa. Goa is a perfect tourist place and so the tourism in Goa’s most important industry and important way of collecting revenue. You can visit Goa in two most important seasons: winter and summer.

In the winter the temperature is average hence the foreign visitors prefer this time to travel and enjoy the beautiful weather there. In the summer time, it is the place mostly for Indian tourists that come across India to enjoy the holidays. Goa has a beauty that should be cherished and once you been there you wish to go there again and again.

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